The abandoned and hidden beaches of Oman

A paradise at the abandoned and hidden beaches of Oman

Are beaches the first thing what pops up in your mind when you think of Oman? Not to me, before I visited this beautiful country with its variety of landscapes. Oman is where I’ve seen the most beautiful, abandoned and hidden beaches. Some of them are hard to find, off road and were shown to me by locals. A list of beaches which are definately worth visiting if you want a relaxing day in paradise.

Taqah Beach

An easy reachable beach, near West Taqah. I actually discovered this beach by accident, because I took the wrong turn. But couldn’t leave it not spending a while to admire this coastline with its white sand.
At the other side of the beach and Taqah itself you’ll have an amazing view over the mountains, the village and the beach, which is known for Taqah Plateau. Few locals come there every night so see the sunset. It’s beautiful!

Taqah beach Oman Salalah

English beach

Definately one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been. The name English beach was given by the locals, because English man used to swim in this bay when Oman was a protectorate of England. Omani’s weren’t used to swim at the beach back in the days. A crystal clear bay, hidden between rocks, offers a great spot for some snorkeling or a private beach day. To reach the place you need to take a ride off road, circa 8 km (circa 5 miles) Eastern of Salalah Marriott Resort.

English bay Oman Salalah beach Oman English bay Salalah beach

Qantab Beach

A beach located at a small fishing village and where you’ll mainly meet locals. Pleasant if you want to experience the daily life of the people who are living here or want a get away from Muscat. The friendly villagers would like to strike up a conversation with you. The village lies directly at the beach what gives it its charm.
Discover the area by climbing the rocks to get a closer look at the up splashing waves. Or take a boat trip with a fisherman which you easily can manage at the place itself.

Qantab beach Muscat Oman

Qantab beach Oman Muscat Qantab beach Oman Muscat

Al Fazayah beach

On the other side of the mountain of Mugsail beach lies Al Fazayah beach. Although I think Al Fazayah is way more beautiful, Mughsail beach is more known. The beach is seperated by the rocks and has a few different bays. From Mughsail beach you have a nice drive through the mountains, direction the West. To reach the beach you’ll need a compatible car, because the road down and up to the mountain is a dirt road. In one of the bays fisherman put their boats on the beach, but in the other bays you’ll have a nice and private place to have a swim. Also the sunset is very beautiful in the way the sun sets behind the mountains and with its reflection at the sea.

Al Fazayah beach Oman

Oman fishing boat Al Fazayah beach

Qurum beach

Qurum beach is a long stretched beach of 4 km (circa 2.5 miles) in Muscat. Do some excersises, have a walk by yourself or with your loved one, have a picknick or simply go for a swim. It’s the city beach where locals and tourists come, but still it feels you have way enough space for yourself. Next to the beach is a promenade, if you don’t want your feet to get sandy ;). Compared to other beaches in Oman, this beach has a few restaurants and cafetaria’s along the promenade, to have a nice cocktail juice with sea view.

Al Qurum beach Oman Muscat

Oman Al Qurum Beach Muscat

Al Qurum beach Muscat Oman

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