Highlights of Oman

11 highlights of Oman

After one month of traveling I can say that Oman has one of the friendliest, hospitable people and a beautiful places with many hidden oases I’ve ever experienced until now. A country which developed a lot since the current, beloved, Sultan Qaboos is leading the country, since 1970. Therefore there were barely any facilities at […]

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The abandoned and hidden beaches of Oman

A paradise at the abandoned and hidden beaches of Oman Are beaches the first thing what pops up in your mind when you think of Oman? Not to me, before I visited this beautiful country with its variety of landscapes. Oman is where I’ve seen the most beautiful, abandoned and hidden beaches. Some of them […]

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Why traveling solo? - Koh Phagnan, Thailand

6 reasons why traveling solo is life changing

6 reasons why traveling solo is an greatest life experience

‘Solo traveling is dangerous’, ‘you’re crazy’, ‘it will be boring’, ‘you should save money to buy a house’, ‘it’s bad for your resume’ or ‘you might die’! These kind of arguments is what I hear most often when talking about my solo trip. Do you agree with these arguments?
Is traveling solo really that dangerous? Or is it just people being ignorant?
Despite all that I still decided to go. Read the following reasons why traveling solo will impact your whole life.

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