Highlights of Oman

11 highlights of Oman

After one month of traveling I can say that Oman has one of the friendliest, hospitable people and a beautiful places with many hidden oases I’ve ever experienced until now. A country which developed a lot since the current, beloved, Sultan Qaboos is leading the country, since 1970. Therefore there were barely any facilities at […]

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The abandoned and hidden beaches of Oman

A paradise at the abandoned and hidden beaches of Oman Are beaches the first thing what pops up in your mind when you think of Oman? Not to me, before I visited this beautiful country with its variety of landscapes. Oman is where I’ve seen the most beautiful, abandoned and hidden beaches. Some of them […]

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Portraits of the world

Is this it in life?! A question a lot of people my age are asking themselves. Me too. Since my graduation in the summer of 2014 I even ask myself this question daily. The vision of the Western world of ‘picture perfect’ of being succesful and being happy, in my view, is making a big […]

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