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Living in paradise

Is living in paradise truly a dream life?

  When thinking of paradise, many people think of pleasant weather, light blue ocean, palm trees and clean sand which shapes to the form of your feet. In Holland many people complain about mainly bad the weather. Waiting for their annual three weeks of holiday in paradise. For many people it’s a dream to live […]

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Am I in a quarter life crisis?!

Am I in a quarter life crisis? I always used to make fun of my parents, when they were lying down, tired, on the couch after a long day of work, and then I would ask them in a funny way: ‘Is the midlife crisis setting in?’. Now I’m getting older (28, yes) and still […]

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Why traveling solo? - Koh Phagnan, Thailand

6 reasons why traveling solo is life changing

6 reasons why traveling solo is an greatest life experience

‘Solo traveling is dangerous’, ‘you’re crazy’, ‘it will be boring’, ‘you should save money to buy a house’, ‘it’s bad for your resume’ or ‘you might die’! These kind of arguments is what I hear most often when talking about my solo trip. Do you agree with these arguments?
Is traveling solo really that dangerous? Or is it just people being ignorant?
Despite all that I still decided to go. Read the following reasons why traveling solo will impact your whole life.

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