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 Travel Parallel

Wondering who you really are? Wondering what your real passions are? And do you love traveling? Welcome to TRAVEL PARALLEL. Perhaps you are checking this website because you’re searching for something, just like me. Travel with me, because here you’ll find tools which will help you lead to the answers on these questions.

There are many people in this world who go through life getting comfortable with the situation they’re living in, without being truly happy. They don’t challenge themselves no more and perhaps don’t even know who they are. For example, they go to work everyday because ‘they have to’, ‘to pay the bills’ and getting frustrated without even knowing why. They don’t do what they really love.

Are you a person who just doesn’t accept this kind of life, are you a person who dares to challenge yourself and who is curious about who you truly are?
Congratulations, because not many people realize how important that is.

Take the courage to explore the person who you are. Take the time and space to discover what you’re really good at and love doing.

I choose to live life consciously. I choose to get to know myself, to discover what my other passions are and what will offer me a fulfilled life. Because that’s what life’s all about, right?
One of my believes are that at least once in your life you should take the chance to travel solo. The ultimate way to get more self knowledge. Gain more self confidence, learn how to believe more in yourself.

Here I’m sharing my experiences and knowledge with you. And I would like to show you what traveling solo is offering me. Join my adventure and also start the journey of Traveling Parallel.

Traveling is not only a physical journey, but also a journey through your inner self.
Getting inspired by other people’s stories, different cultures and my own life experiences.
This is your online guide to start your life journey. You’ll find practical and inspiring articles to motivate you to take this leap of faith.
Travel Parallel is about traveling, my passions and self improvement. My personal blog and photos.

True happiness and a fulfilled life starts where fear and anxiety ends!

Who am I?

Patricia, 28 years young and, when not traveling, living in a small appartment in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Graduated in the summer of 2014 in my bachelor of Social Work. My solo travel trip to Thailand in 2015 was to me life changing. An amazing experience!

In just one month I got closely connected to my inner self and got to know myself a little better. It made more clear about who I am, why some things just didn’t work out for me and about what I really want in life. Of course, not the whole trip was fabulous. I did feel lonely sometimes and got confronted with myself. But the magical feeling of solo traveling made me hungry for more!

Soon I’ll start my new adventure. This time more challenging, less prepared and bigger! No idea how long I’ll be on the road, but it will take me to different destinations worldwide. Different cultures I’ll experience, different people I’ll learn from and gaining more self knowledge about this girl, called Patricia. Not afraid to push boundaries and doesn’t shrink for some tense.

Oh, and my nickname, Patty Westt, it’s just to make it more easy for you to remember my name. Or do you prefer to remind my real name; Patricia van ‘t Westende?
Yeah, say what?! 😉

I’ve always been interested in psychology and self improvement. In why people do what they do and how certain experiences makes us the people who we are today. Will this be my purpose in life? I have no idea! Time will tell. And in the meanwhile I’ll enjoy the journey.

Dare to live life to the fullest! It might be life changing..

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